Let’s Play Beyond Sol – Entry 5 – WAARRRRRRRR

Hey, Don't Be Hatin'!
Hey, Don’t Be Hatin’!

Welcome back to Beyond Sol my friends! In this entry, I build ooooooooonneeee teeny tiny little military base south of my main city, since the folks down in New Lisbon are getting ALL UP IN MY GRILL. Weeeeeeeelp, they didn’t like that, not one bit, and declare me both a rival and a newfound hatred of me. Not to take that lying down, I declare war on them, and had a blast blowinf up their shit. The sued for peace a few times, but I refused because hey, rival. That makes ME the warmonger folks? Yeesh y’all are sensitive. Anyway, this game is GREAT. Get it. Seriously. It’s like this amazing hands on micro 4X thing that mixes 4X elements with the hands-on gameplay of Drox Operative with an amazingly dynamic and busy map so that you’re always doing SOMETHING. I really enjoy this game, folks, and I think you will too, so get it, dangit. ;)

Author: Brian Rubin

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