Poll – Streaming on Twitch or YouTube? (Closed)

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6 Responses

  1. If you do that you would loose me as a viewer and every single person from germany, simply because we can’t watch youtube streams. But since you seem to stream very late at night I usually don’t catch them anyway so you should go with what is more comfortable for you.

    • Brian Rubin says:

      Wait what? You can’t watch YouTube Gaming streams at all?!?!

      • patthemav says:

        Yes, unfortunately that’s true. For years our local “ASCAP” organization (GEMA) and Google couldn’t come to an agreement regarding their fees (Google effectively calling them “prohibitive”) which lead to Youtube blocking most commercial music videos outright (they might be available for the first few hours, but even music videos on official channels get blocked regularly).

        As for why they’re blocking streams outright, it could have something to do with a lack of agreement regarding those streaming fees, but also Google/Youtube holding this feature “hostage” to increase local animosity towards GEMA.

        • Brian Rubin says:


          • patthemav says:

            After some research there might be a less nefarious reason: Germany has rules and regulations for everything – the same applies to public broadcasting.

            As soon as you broadcast to an audience of more than 500 people you need a license. So either Twitch has such a license (and Google doesn’t want to shell out the money for one) or Twitch is still flying “under the radar” and Google is too big to do so as well.

            As our judges and lawmakers apply analog-era laws to the digital age (laws that can’t accommodate the fact that consumers can be content producers and broadcasters themselves with one click), there is little to no wiggle room. And there’s always the chance that a revised law becomes even more strict.

            So yeah.. our head of government said a few month back “The internet is uncharted territory for all of us”.. Go figure.

  2. if the content’s compelling, I’ll go wherever it is.

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