Let’s Play Battlestation: Harbinger – Entry 3 – A Solid Run

This entry is part 3 of 5 in the series Battlestation: Harbinger Review



Welcome back to Battlestation: Harbinger my friends! In this entry, I make it through an entire session with one fleet! That’s right, I only died ONCE, and it was at the very END. That’s PROGRESS my friends. It’s also a spoiler, but whatever. ;) In this session, I am constantly upgrading my fleet with new ships and equipment, and in the end I end up with a carrier, a bruiser of a ship and a small scout with a repair beam. It works well for a while, until it doesn’t. ;) The upside is I got enough experience to move up a level and try the next ship! Yay! This game is so fun, you guys.

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