Iron Sky: Invasion Review/Let’s Play Summary


It’s always nice to be surprised. Expectations can be a damned funny thing, as this game proves handily. For example, when I saw the movie upon which this game is based, Iron Sky, I didn’t last 20 minutes. I thought it was just…boring. So when my fellow podcast co-host Jim said that this game was actually good, I was kind of shocked. Ever since playing it though, I’ve discovered what a little gem this game is. Keep reading to find out more! :)

How Easy Was it to Get Into?

Quite easy! Using a mouse/keyboard combo or a gamepad, the controls are pretty intuitive, and it took very little time at all to feel comfortable behind the stick of the various fighters and bombers you’ll be flying in the game.

What Did You Think of The Game’s Usability?

It uses the controller very well, and in moments I was transferring power from engines to shields to weapons like a pro. I had no problem controlling the entirety of the game from the controller, and it made it much easier to grok in the end. Great stuff.

Was the Gameplay Challenging and Fun?

Yes on both counts, and shockingly so! Again, having to jump around the map dealing with threats as they approached Earth gave the game a pace and fluidity that was just a delight. Seriously, you have to think on the fly in this game, dealing with what you can handle at any given time while also trying to deal with the biggest threats. You can also run away and come back if you need to regroup. The game is actually surprisingly flexible in how you deal with situations, which I REALLY liked.

Did you Find any Glaring Flaws with the Game?

Honestly? None that I could think of! It ran flawlessly, was a lot of fun to play, and didn’t have any real problems. I guess the worst things were some niggling interface issues, but I figured things out in short order.

How Did it Look and Sound?

Not bad! It’s not Elite or Star Citizen or anything, but for an indie title it was surprisingly competent. The explosions and gun sounds were of particular joy to me, as were watching zeppelins explode. So great.

Are you going to Keep Playing It?

I actually am! I’m enjoying the story enough to keep going, and the DLC offers enough replayability and variety that I’ll definitely keep coming back to this when I want some quick, satisfying space shootey action.

Which Were Your Favorite and Least Favorite Parts of The Game?

Favorite parts, so far, were jumping around the map dealing with threats and blowing up zeppelins. LOVE THAT. Don’t honestly have a least favorite part.

Should I Buy It?

Sure, but maybe on sale! It goes on sale often enough that it should be easy to pick up, and make sure to get all the DLC along with it.


It’s so nice to be so pleasantly surprised by a game, but that’s what Iron Sky: Invasion is, a total surprise. It’s fun, funny, varied and visceral, and I really have enjoyed my time with it. I know, I know, movie tie-in games are usually crap, but this one totally bucks the trend my friends! Check it out, and thanks for reading/watching!

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Author: Brian Rubin

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