Children of a Dead Earth – Trying Not to Get Hit – Let’s Play Entry 2


Welcome back to Children of a Dead Earth my friends! In this entry, I take on two missions. In the first, “False Flag,” I’m to take out a very undermatched enemy, which goes quite well. The second mission, though, is the doozy. “Predatory Opportunism” is the first mission with both out of plane maneuvering and drone usage, so there’s a lot going on. First, one has to intercept their target while still maintaining enough delta v to maneuver once combat is engaged. Secondly, you have to use drones properly to take out the enemy before they can hit you. I’m successful on the first part, but woefully inadequate in the second. Luckily I’ve already beaten this mission once before, so we can move on. Yay!

Author: Brian Rubin

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