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Buck Rogers: Matrix Cubed – Oh Look, I Won Something – Entry 2

This entry is part 2 of 2 in the series: Buck Rogers: Matrix Cubed Review

Welcome back to Matrix Cubed my friends! In this entry — which kind of sapped my will to play the game since I was having severe DOSBox/OBS issues — I FINALLY win a battle or two, and get so much, SO much sweet loot in the process. Sadly, these old games made inventory management a… Read More »

Buck Rogers: Matrix Cubed – Technical Difficulties – Entry 1

This entry is part 1 of 2 in the series: Buck Rogers: Matrix Cubed Review

Hello my friends, and welcome to Buck Rogers: Matrix Cubed, the 1992 sequel to last week’s game, Countdown to Doomsday! This newer game features actual honest-to-goodness Roland MT-32 support (which you will hear!), streamlined character creation (thank god) and the ability to import characters from the previous game (if you happened to keep that floppy… Read More »

Happy 50th Birthday Space Games: A Look at How Far We’ve Come

I recently realized that Spacewar! was first released in 1962, fifty years ago. In looking at the game’s Wikipedia entry, the first operational version of the game was released in February, while the version we’ve come to know and love was released in April. Therefore, I’d say now is good enough a time as any… Read More »