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Hey Mac, Where Do Ya Want These?
Hey Mac, Where Do Ya Want These?

In this episode of Brian Breaks Shit, I return to Kinetic Void after being accused of giving it something of a bum rap the last time I played it. This time I started a new game and reset all the tutorials so they’d play properly, so I’d have some modicum of knowledge in what I was doing, and had at building my own spaceship. The results were hilarious — to me anyway — and telling. The tutorials do a decent job of preparing the player (i.e. me) for what’s in store, but once it’s time to actually use that knowledge, I still felt like I lacked the knowledge in how to put things to use. I did eventually build a ship for all the good it did me, and once I got into the game’s universe proper, I had a slightly better time of things. I’m still left wondering where the content is, honestly, but at some point I need to go find it. Regardless, please enjoy this video of me making a mess of another game’s ship building apparatus. :) Thanks for watching.

Author: Brian Rubin

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