Let’s Play Kerbal Space Program – Entry 1 – One Small Step for Newbs…

Kerbal Space Program Entry 1 Screenshot

So here’s the deal. This game, Kerbal Space Program, has intimidated me ever since the first time I ran it and indiscriminately killed three little cute fellas in a fiery ball of DEATH. Also, the building part is wacky insanacrazy. So I put it off for a while, finding I had writers block in terms of writing up a preview because I had no idea how to write all this FEELS stuff out, you know?

So I realized yeah, I stink at this game. I mean, REALLY stink, but that doesn’t have to remain true forever. I therefore welcome you to the first installment of my preview series looking at KSP, which I hope you’ll join me on a journey of education, discovery and crazy stupid fun, because that’s what this game is. Enjoy!

Author: Brian Rubin

10 thoughts on “Let’s Play Kerbal Space Program – Entry 1 – One Small Step for Newbs…

  1. I played an early version of KSP something over a year ago, and was very impressed. I looked into it because it seemed exactly the sort of thing I’d like to develop myself: a fun and challenging game, yes, but with some grounding in core principles of science and engineering, gameplay related to those principles, and a clearly inspirational space topic, all of which fits my company’s objectives very closely.

    It looks like KSP has come along nicely in the intervening time. Time to take another look at it for the sheer fun of it, I think.

    1. Yeah, apparently it’s made HUGE strides in the past year or so, I’ve read. Definitely worth a revisiting.

  2. Might want to make use of SAS modules to help stabilise your craft and reduce rotation if you lose control :D

    I love KSP, but I’m a n00b myself. Have yet to learn how to dock with another craft in orbit, and getting the second craft to the EXACT SAME stable orbit and velocity as the initial one is… well… try it and see for yourself. But, at least I managed to put a green man on the Mun… and strand him there (landing wasn’t exactly soft if you know what I mean).

    1. Welcome to the blog Max! And yeah, that’s what I was trying to remember how to turn on as I was flailing around. I need to print up a keyboard control list I think. How often does THAT happen anymore? ;)


  3. wow, very impressed with that game – have to give the ‘Squad’ team some major credit with that title!

    and Brian, that video was hilarious, I was cracking up each time you start to panic with the flight controls.

  4. I’ve only had time to watch the first 10 minutes of this, but 2 of those little guys look absolutely terrified! They must have heard what happened to the last crew. :-D

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