Elite: Dangerous Ruined my Day…

Damn Interdictions...
Damn Interdictions…

So I was planning on recording a bunch of videos today, you know? Covering all manner of spacey gaming goodness that y’all hopefully come to expect of me. Then, I find out that the Gamma version of Elite: Dangerous has launched, and I try a few missions. “This seems fun,” I thought to myself, “I should stream a little bit of this on Twitch…”

FOUR FREAKING HOURS LATER, I got nothing done, except a bunch of cargo runs, a few interdictions, some awesome voice chat and even some combat. I think I’ve put in maybe 5-6 hours TODAY in today, before, during and after the stream. SHEESH.

So while the good news is, here’s a four hour video from Twitch of me playing the game which is hopefully fun to watch, the downside is that content might be light this coming week. It’s a holiday here in the US anyway this week, so I’ll also blame that. ;) The video has to be watched on Twitch because it’s too big to export to YouTube, no lie. I’m putting the video behind a cut because it autoplays and I can’t figure out how to turn it off because it’s set to “false” in the embed code and yet it’s still playing anyway. Enjoy! ;)

Author: Brian Rubin

3 thoughts on “Elite: Dangerous Ruined my Day…

  1. E:D is gorgeous no doubt; the freaking UI and sound effects alone make me so happy! That said, the game is currently lacking the features to hook me into playing day after day.

    Jumping in and out of SC for cargo runs? Meh.

    Interdiction? Haven’t raised enough money to get into that yet. (See above!)

    Combat? Actually pretty fun, but flying around in space just finding people to vaporize isn’t enough for me.

    I see the building blocks of a great game but with “launch” only 24 days away, I’m really curious to see what they’re going to come out with to really make the game addictive.

    What do you think SGJ?

    1. Welcome to the comments sflw! You raise some great points. What I think is that they likely have an internal version that is miles ahead of what we’re playing, and that’s what we’ll see at launch. I surmise this from seeing the leap in gameplay between just the beta and gamma versions.

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