Distant Worlds – Universe: Diving In Head First

Fight Fight Fight Fight!

Fight Fight Fight Fight!

In a short amount of time, Distant Worlds – Universe — the final installment in the series, which also brings all of the content under one product — will be upon us, and as I’ve been graced with a beta copy of the game, I had to start up a preview. This first installment will start a new game with some of the new random and story elements found in Universe and not only give some insight into what’s new for seasoned¬†players of the game (which, as much as I love the game, I’m still not) and also hopefully give a glimpse of how the game can be played for new players as well. As there’s no way this game can be encompassed in one video, I’m going to do a few of the preview version before the game comes out, and will then jump right into reviewing the thing. :) I hope you enjoy this video, and I thank you for watching. :)

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8 Responses

  1. Josh B says:

    Love this game so much. Can’t wait for the super-moddable version!

    • Brian Rubin says:

      I’m quite excited about that too. This game already has tremendous staying power, and accessible modding can only add to that.

  2. Dennis says:

    Cool, can’t wait to watch.

    Have they talked about pricing, especially for those like you and I who already have all the current expansions?

  3. SpaceEnthusiast says:

    Meh, that figures. Over the holiday season I asked on their forums about package deals. Devs say there’s no such thing, so I buy it anyway, now this.

    • Brian Rubin says:

      They told you that? That’s not cool, but here’s to hoping that we get a nice discount on the thing. It’ll also be nice to finally have only one installation to deal with.

  4. Bison says:

    Have they made a mod for netbooks..? When a mod for Sins came out for netbooks, I was bombing planets to work on the commute, albeit low resolution…

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