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Hey kids, this week we’re trying something a bit different with the podcast. First, we’re going to be using Hangouts on Air as something of a trial run. You can watch the podcast on YouTube or on our Google+ Page. One of the things a Hangout can do is allow questions to be taken beforehand, so if you want to ask questions about marketing for your site or your Kickstarter campaign, you can do it there. You can also comment on this post and we’ll talk about your questions there as well, along with the chat room of course. Please also let us know if it’s okay to mention your specific site and, if so, include the URL. Gah, forget it, not only could we not figure out a way to reliable record audio from the Hangout, but screenshare was terrible. Back to Skype and Twitch for us.

With that said, this week we’re covering marketing! My full time job is in Search Engine Optimization, which I’ve been doing for about ten years now, so I know a teensy tiny something about marketing. I’m also learning more about Kickstarter marketing as well. Therefore, if you have a site for your game and you have questions as to how to make it better, hit me up!

Talk to you on Wednesday night! :)

Author: Brian Rubin

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