SGJ Podcast #50: Double Your Milestone, Double Your Fun…

Happy Birthday Podcast!
Happy Birthday Podcast!

So as of this week guys, Jim and I have been doing this show for a whole year. While we’ve missed a week here and there for various reasons, we’ve done this thing almost weekly for an entire year, so not only are we hitting our anniversary, but also our fiftieth show, so double milestone! :) In this episode, Jim and I look back at how the show has gone, some things we (okay, I) can be doing better, talk about a bunch of fun, randomy stuff, and then answer your emails. It was a really fun time! :)

As always, if you have questions or comments, you can leave them in the comments below, or write us at and we’ll read your email on the show. :) Thanks for listening folks, and have an awesome day!

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Author: Brian Rubin

11 thoughts on “SGJ Podcast #50: Double Your Milestone, Double Your Fun…

  1. Great show!
    I don’t know if space 4x is as bad as you made it sound but DANG, how do you really feel?
    (No love for Sins of a Solar Empire?)

  2. For favorite space board game, put me down for Dune.

    I assume here that the floor is not open to more wargamey things like Star Fleet Battles or Battletech or Mobile Frame Zero or the like.

  3. Grats on your year-in-service! Hope you and Jim will live long and prosper and continue to share with us your love for space.

    And now for some general banter.
    TIE Fighter map – maybe it is cheating, but did you know you can also switch targets in-map? and they stays your current target once you closed the map and back into cockpit. It really can save your butt in this pesky escort/protect mission everyone has so much love for :)

    Profanities – just an observation (i’m with yyou guys since the first podcast), but your cussing seems to correlate with amount of alcohol you are drinking while podcasting, So if you genuinly want to go more “family-friendly” maybe you should lessen the “degree”. Again, it is just an observation, i just wanted to be of a little help here. I’m personnaly very much “ok” with drinking and cussing, AND, We are talking a lot of “space pirates” here so it’s just natural, a sober and polite pirate is waaay weird! And, hell, even GWJ guys (found them through your site, and you have my eternal gratitude for that) are dropping “f-bombs” every now and then. And if they cannot be called proffessional podcasters, i do not know who can.

    Oh, and i very much like to hear you opinion of Mass Effect 2 one you played it. I for various reason haven’t played neither of ME game yet, but plan to in a nearest year.

    1. OMG YOU CAN?! I can so trying that the next time I play TIE Fighter. That’s crazygonuts that 20 years and I’m still learning about this game.

      And HEY, I’ve drunken alcohol maybe TWICE during this entire run, so it’s not like I’m a raving drunkard or some such. :P

      1. Maybe i just remember hearing more f* than usual, and then you were telling you are drinking. Ok, then you may disregard my statement. Damn, how can i always say something to rub you the wrong way, while i’m actually are really looking up to you? Oh well, now you can add to “russians, messing with my beloved Starflight” ” russians thinking, that i just cannot do the podcast if i’m are not drunk as hell” :)

        For the TIE FIghter. When i was playing it, i do not have any manual available, so i was testing a lot of things. As i remember, most shortcuts are working in map mode. You can assign quick-slot targets (F5,F6,F7 if i’m not mistaken), order your wingmens to attack/defend/get lost and a lot of other things.
        Funny fact. After playing TIE somewhere in 1994-5, i got back to X-Wing and find out that order to wingmen was working here as well!.

        It’s the point of being young,i guess. I was playing in 1993 “LHX-attack copter” till my hands bled. And with no manual as always, i was charting all the shortcuts myself, pressing random buttoms and combinations and writing the results down. Nowadays, i will not go forward without reading manual, if the game has more than two buttom controls.

        1. Man, I’m sorry, there must be a language thing because you’re not rubbing me the wrong way at all. On the contrary, your posts are generally awesome and amusing. The difficulty with text is that sarcasm doesn’t come across so well, and for that I apologize. You’ve not now, nor never that I can recall, rubbed me wrong. ;)

          Do you remember how to order your wingmen to defend something in TIE Fighter because I’ll be damned if I can find it anywhere.

          And GOD I played the hell out of LHX Attack Chopper. One of the few — maybe only still — sims to model the Osprey. Such great stuff.

          1. Aw, sorry man, no defend command, must have mixed up with Freespace (damn it, FSO is crashing constantly on my Windows 7 64 bit, yet have to finish FS1). Well, i haven’t returned to TIE-Fighter for like 16 years so memory is hazy. Maybe will do so in a couple of years, when i finally can create myself in my new appartment a normal gaming place with normal Joystick for te first time in my long life.
            BTW , is there still good joysticks around? I remember missing mouse precision while using joystick, but maybe it was to the fact mine was one of a cheap kind. i’ve checked nearby store not so long ago- there is so few of them today selling it’s depressing…

            Osprey was awsome! I even still remember “v” key for changing flight mode. And his 25mm gun has longest range….. EA was fantastic at that time. not like the crap they have become today (oh, i’m so oldfag).
            For some obscure reason Su-25 Sturmovik, being on the same engine and even featuring russian plane does not appealed to me later on.

            Oh, and thanks for warm words, i do have a hard time reading sarcasm, but i’ll keep this in mind for future reference.

  4. Great show guys, congrats on reaching 50! Especially loved the chat about RTS/4X games. Just wanted to chime in about that conversation that stemmed from that last email – I am working on a game that is essentially submarines in space where you’re the commander etc. In fact we did a Q&A with this very site not so long ago… :P

    Bring on Hawaiian shirt Friday!

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