Second Chances – Weekly Gaming Discussion for 2/9/20

What An Odd World…

This Week’s Gaming Thoughts

This past week seemed to be about returning to games I’d played in the past but shelved for whatever reason. The first was LOGistICAL, which is an amazing puzzle strategy game using real-world locations. I got burnt out a while back, but lately I wanted something I could just futz around with while listening to podcasts and looking for freelance work, and in that respect. LOGistICAL fits the bill perfectly.

The second game I returned to was Grand Theft Auto V. I played it ages ago on my old rig, and it didn’t run well and I wasn’t to keen on the characters, so I shelved it. Since joining the Pipeline community of streamers, I’ve been trying to watch other folks’ streams, and a lot of them would stream GTAV or GTA Online. I was surprised how much fun it looked, so I reinstalled it, to my own surprise.

What I’ve Been Playing This Past Week

  • Grand Theft Auto V – I’ve been watching more and more streamers play this one, and it looks fun, so I decided to return to it. Last time I tried it, I wasn’t a fan of the characters, but this time I’m trying to get over my damned self and enjoy the world a bit.
  • Assassin’s Creed: Origins – I’ve been having some choice paralysis of lately, but thankfully Bayek knows how to get under my skin.
  • LOGistICAL – All I’ve done so far is complete a few towns in Hawaii, but I’m about eighty-percent of the way to finishing the whole thing.

What I’m Planning on Playing This Coming Week

  • Flight Simulator X – I know I keep saying this one, but I really do need to hunker down and do the training.

Gaming Question of the Week

How Do You Choose a Game to Play?

More often than not, of late, I’ve been having choice paralysis. I’ve never had so many games, yet I’ve never played so few of them. I have all my installed games organized on my desktop — thank you Stardock’s Fences — and lately, I’ll just stare at the icons, waiting for one to jump out at me.

They rarely do though. I’ll go over and over the icons and nothing hits me, and I wonder, should I not play a game right now? I don’t wanna burn out, but I love playing games, so I am beginning to wonder if I should uninstall a lot of games and set up some kind of Trello board or something to keep track of what I want to try. Maybe less choice will be better for me, I dunno.

What about you? How do you guys choose what you will play on a moment-to-moment or day-to-day basis?

Top Clip of the Past Week

So Alienautics apparently came out of early access a while back, so I decided to return to it. Last time, there were some maddening jumping puzzles. This time? MADDENING JUMPING PUZZLES.

That’s it for this week y’all. I hope you have a lovely week ahead, and I also hope to see y’all on a stream sometime! Have a great one!

Author: Brian Rubin

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