Hailing Frequencies Open – 4/20/17 – So. Swamped.

Spaaace Faaaarts!

Hello my friends, and welcome to Thursday! SO SORRY I missed writing an entry yesterday but I was super swamped and the day got away from me and by the time I got home I had NO energy, mentally or physically, for just about anything. Man these last few weeks have been kicking my keester energy-wise.

Anyway, speaking of lacking energy, I hate to say it, but I can only put up one more Stardrift Nomads video! It’s not that it’s a bad game, it’s that I’m stuck at it. Super duper stuck. So rather than have y’all watch me trying and failing again and again, I figure we’ll just let it lie here. This is a pretty good game that I like a lot, and will continue to play. Is it worth $20? Iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii dunno. It does apparently have multiplayer, and the survival mode is nice, but I think it’d need a bit more, like an editor or something, to justify the price. It’s not BAD, it just doesn’t feel like a $20 game, which is weird to say but there ya go.

Last night, after finally getting home, I’d originally planned to play some Elder Scrolls Online, but some folks in the Discord channel convinced me to revisit Guild Wars 2, which I’d not played in ages and just never clicked with. So, dutifully, I loaded it up and played for maybe an hour. I had a good time, but for some reason it’s still not fully clicking with me. Maybe because I have no pre-game connection with the world as I do with ESO or LOTRO, or maybe it’s because quests (my bread and butter) are so different in this game. I do like the randomy world events that happen around you, but they’re also weird in that they appear one step then can disappear the next. I might revisit it some more, not sure yet.

I then played a few rounds of Titanfall 2 multiplayer. GOD I am so, so bad at that game still. Like, seriously terrible. I had a great time though, and had some very fun sessions of Capture the Flag and what not. Usually it’s a very exhausting game, but after seeing this video, I realized I had to play more in order to get gud:

Tomorrow, Flatspace IIk comes out on Steam. It’s the only Flatspace game I’ve yet played, but I really enjoyed the first two games over a decade ago, so I’m looking forward to diving into this one this weekend. Beyond that, this coming weekend isn’t gonna have a lot of gaming. Saturday we’ll be going to the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books, which is always a treat, and then Sunday we have a big birthday party to go to, so sadly, not much gaming.

Tonight we’ll be returning to an old favorite, Rise of Nations! I’ve never played it in multiplayer before (when it came out over a decade ago, I was strictly no multiplayer. Glad I’ve come around on that!), so I’m excited to give it a try! After that…I dunno, I might wanna play some more Guild Wars 2, shockingly enough.

Anyway, enough about me, onto news!

Finally, not really a space game, but you can get the classic StarCraft for free right now.

That’ll do it for today! See y’all later this afternoon on the stream!

Author: Brian Rubin

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