Down to Earth – The Lord of the Rings: The Battle for Middle Earth II

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  1. SpaceEnthusiast says:

    Well, you got this right for sure. Anytime a new RTS comes out, I secretly hope it took a page from either this or Rise of Legends. Haven’t seen anyone do entire battalions gettings stomped this well since Black and White 2.

    If the combat seems unbalanced, keep in mind that it’s only polished by the end of the base game. RotWK decided to make every faction more viable by adding wacky niche units. Cavalry immune to spear walls(but then are garbage in combat), caster units that will not survive one volley, summoning units during battle and other such silliness.

    It’s a shame this isn’t digitally distrubuted. If you don’t have $60+(just the expansion!) to throw at eBay, you must resort to piracy. EA actually was selling this for a short while, but when they switched to Origin from their old browser-based store…they just didn’t bother moving this.

    • Brian Rubin says:

      Rise of Legends huh? That’s also one I own but have yet to play? Should I fire it up?

      • SpaceEnthusiast says:

        Well, in addition to having one of the tightest control schemes and most informative UI I’ve seen in any RTS, the actual gameplay is the some of the most fun to watch.

        Similiar to BfME2, it allows command of entire units, rather than individual dudes. To that effect, the huge clockwork golems will stomp line infantry and kick individual men out of formation. Dragons will divebomb enemy lines and take a chunk out of defensive lines. To prevent being overwhelmed by huge numbers of crossbowmen, you can force command your magitek creatures with non-AOE weapons to use their “trample” attack instead of the default. You get the idea.

        The campaign is pretty fun as well, if you’re into that. The story is mediocre, but there’s a persistent unit and hero upgrade system, so there’s a bit of replayability.

  2. Sledge Hammer says:

    I really liked the ability to just ride over the footsoldiers with your horses and kill them instead of the silly Age of Empires mechanic…
    I really dug the physics based approach to combat, even if it wasnt physics based at all.
    But at least it made sense with the spearmen, the riders and the swordmen.
    I found the heroes a bit unbalanced in one of the games (cant remember if it was 1 or two), and I really liked the create your own hero / supervillain thing!

  3. You should absolutely be playing Rise of Legends. It is quite creative and good.

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