Wing Commander Music Orchestral Recording Project Kickstarter Launched

It's From WC1 and 2, I Know, But It Seemed So Appropriate...

It’s From WC1 and 2, I Know, But It Seemed So Appropriate…

Thanks to the CIC for mentioning this! Apparently the composer of the music for Wing Commanders 3 and 4, George Oldziey, has launched a Kickstarter to produce a recording of a suite of music from those two Wing Commander games, with a funding goal of $35,000 to help produce the nearly ten minute piece of music with an eighty piece orchestra. Personally I’d love to see this kind of this come to fruition, as I’m a game music nut. Head to the Kickstarter and check it out for more info if you’re also interested. :)

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  1. Peter S says:

    Hm, I remember the music from Wing Commander 2 – how do 3 & 4 stack up?

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