Soooo Yeah, No Man’s Sky…Wow…

Holy Gee...
Holy Gee…

This trailer….I don’t even know what to….yipes…

You can learn more over at Rock, Paper Shotgun’s post. I hope to find out more my own self so I can share it with y’all, maybe try to bring these folks on the podcast or some such. Stay tuned…

Author: Brian Rubin

15 thoughts on “Soooo Yeah, No Man’s Sky…Wow…

  1. I’m practically speechless… just, wow. If this can live up to what it seems to be promising, and flesh it out, it will make gaming history.

  2. Adding this to my watch list. Definitely not your average space game if it all works out.

  3. Has this even gotten an official PC announcement yet? It’d be a shame to waste all that energy getting hyped, and then them never release the game.

  4. Welcome to the comments new folks (who I had to approve, anyway). ;) And yeah, this looks damned impressive.

  5. Sure, it looks stunning, but from what I’ve heard, this will be an MMO. Sorry, but I’m completely *not* into that. I do hope, however, that the team will re-use its technology for a single-player game.

    1. It’s not clear what form of MMO this will take. This has some similarities to Starbound, where all players experience the same universe, and can even play with eachother, but does not limit the single-player experience at all. That paradigm seems really great for this game — and the limited details they’ve released kindof hint in that direction, since they aren’t using typical MMO terms and descriptions.

      We’ll see, though — I would be much less interested in a pure MMO, too. I want my single player with optional multiplayer!

      1. There are some more interviews with the guys behind this game going up today. It sounds like there is going to be some MMO-style to it, but that the galaxy will be so big that there may be plenty of space (literally) to single-play it when you want? Every player at least starts on their own planet near the galactic rim. I’m so interested in more info about this.

        I’d hate to see this game be traditional MMO — but if it was done as a massive shared sandbox, I could get behind that. I imagine EVE with fewer spreadsheets, less grief, and more interesting things to do.

        We’ll see!

        1. 100% agree. If this is more like Minecraft multiplayer I and my guild will be very happy.

  6. So, based on the interviews the developers have done over the last few days: No Man’s Sky is a single player game with which you can “share” things you discover. Then, things that other players do to stuff you’ve shared is reflected everywhere, and vice-versa. They’re pretty light on details about how this works, but it sounds like if you share a planet and someone crashes on it… that crash will show up during your gameplay.

    The good news being: the primary play mode sounds like it is single player.

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