Minecraft’s Notch Planning Firefly/Elite-Style Sim…

Best. Spaceship. Ever. Will We See a Pixellated Version?

Usually I don’t like to post mere rumors or murmerings, so when Notch — the fellow behind the breakout indie hit Minecraft — mentioned he wanted to do a space game, I figured I’d wait for something a little more concrete before discussing it here. Well, thanks to a tip from Lee, one of our readers, there’s now something a bit more official, as in an interview with Notch in PC Gamer regarding this very topic. As a huge fan of Firefly my own self — one of my tattoos is Serenity-themed — this is very, VERY exciting stuff. While I never got into Minecraft my own self, I know this Notch fellow is very dedicated to gaming, so there’s a very likely chance this will happen. For now, I’ll just endeavor to keep you posted. Thanks for reading!

Author: Brian Rubin

9 thoughts on “Minecraft’s Notch Planning Firefly/Elite-Style Sim…

  1. Too bad Northstar will probably never happen, with the Sots2 debacle and all.

      1. Kerberus (Sword of the Stars) announced Northstar at some point.

        It was supposed to be an open galaxy you explored, traded and interacted in.

        Humanity just started exploring the galaxy, with earth nations having their own colonial empires, military etc.

        You would have played the role of a captain that inherited an independent starship and made his own luck in a world between human factions and alien species.

        You had a variable crew with "lots of character". Combat was turn based. Besides ship to ship combat there was X-Com like tactical combat for boarding actions.

        The focus would have been trade and exploration with "deep" combat and faction interaction.


        1. I am honestly amazed I've never heard of this. The folks who made the Space Empires games made a similar style game, and it sucked. :/ The one that was to be in the Fading Suns universe looked awesome though. We could totally use more games like that. Sigh.

    1. Yeah, I'm cautiously excited my own self. I'll feel more confident once we have more details. Right now it's little more than a pipe dream, though a lovely one.

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