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Spacey MMORPG EVE Online has a few little updates worthy of mention. First is a massively huge development blog regarding the design goals for further development of nullsec (i.e. unsecured) space. The blog is HUGE (so huge it was almost tl:dr for me), and covers aspects such as mining (yay, my favorite!), exploration (yay, my other favorite!), industry, combat, and much more, and is a fascinating read.

I’m hoping that having a blog entry this long, detailed, and welcoming of feedback is part of a new trend of transparency by CCP after that wave of virtual riots over the ridiculous costs of virtual vanity items and so on that took place a while back. If so, I welcome it, and it might actually help get me back into the game. ;)

Secondly is a Voices from the Void podcast entry with a couple of folks from CCP, CCP Manifest & CCP Hekatonkheires. I’ve not listened to it yet, but the CCP folks usually have interesting stories about their sandbox MMORPG. Enjoy!

Author: Brian Rubin

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