What’s Coming Up This Week (2/4/19)

Welcome to another week of spacey gaming y’all, and we have a LOT to cover this week! We have three games to look at this week, starting with a new Necron campaign in Battlefleet Gothic: Armada II. I also take a short look at Genesis Alpha One. Short because it scared me too much, so I could only get a couple of entries out of it. To make up the gap, I played a few entries of the non-space game Nomads of the Fallen Star — from the developer of Star Nomad 1 and 2 — which will start on Wednesday.

On this week’s podcast (Tuesday, 5:00 PM Pacific, Twitch, YouTube, Mixer), we’ll be talking to the developer of the space shooter Apolune.

Finally, on Thursday’s LAN party (Thursday, 5:00 PM Pacific, Twitch, YouTube, Mixer), we’ll be trying out the boardgamey roguelike For the King!

Thanks for being awesome y’all!

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