We Now Have a Minor Faction in Elite: Dangerous

Come to Orcus, My Friends. We Have Cookies (and Slaves).
Come to Orcus, My Friends. We Have Cookies (and Slaves).

My friends, we now have an actual faction in Elite: Dangerous. Based on Tombaugh Station in the Orcus system (which has excellent outfitting, I might add), say hello to the Imperial Federalist Labour Party of Veloxi’s Vixens. Why that name? Because it sounds awesome, that’s why. I invite you all to head over to Orcus to trade, complete missions and turn in bounties in order to help us maintain a foothold in this useful system. Hope to see you in system (once I slog my way back over 400+ LY from Sothis)!

Author: Brian Rubin

6 thoughts on “We Now Have a Minor Faction in Elite: Dangerous

  1. Just started playing again since they finnaly updated some saitek drivers. To bad tho i still bsod when i switch profiles and plug/unplug my x55 :/

    Might have to stop on by, Although i never see anyone playing in the group :/

    1. Even in a largeish group, space is so vast it might take a while to see folks. Hopefully this’ll help fix that. :)

  2. For ***** sake. I’ve been running errands out of Orcus for a week wondering why the name of this power sounded so familiar. Finally gave in and googled it and it brought me here where I’ve been lurking for some time. So, delayed grats on the minor power!

    Have you tried the new update yet? It’s more challenging and a lot more fun

    1. Hahahha, hello and welcome, and thanks for doing work for the Vixens! :) And yeah, I’ve been toying with it, have a vid or two on YouTube, REALLY liking it a LOT.

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