Contest: Win One of Five Copies of Gran Vitreous! (Closed)


So friends, one of my favorite shmups of recent years is Gran Vitreous, which has procedurally generated DAMN NEAR EVERYTHING! Weapons, maps, whole sectors, other types of loot, you name it! Well, the developer was nice enough to send me some Steam keys a while back for a giveaway, so…I’m gonna give them away! What do you have to do to win? Well, see the video below? I want you to watch it and leave a comment about it, either the game or the video. I’ll then use the Chrome TubeBuddy plugin to choose five random folks from the commenters as the winners! It’s that simple! Even if you don’t win, I urge you to check out the game, it’s pretty damned great. The contest will last for one week, and I’ll announce the winners by the end of next week! Thanks for watching/entering!

Author: Brian Rubin

3 thoughts on “Contest: Win One of Five Copies of Gran Vitreous! (Closed)

  1. so have you send out the codes already?
    because there were like 5 commenters and i was one of them…

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