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It Does Feel Like This of Late…

Hey friends, I just wanted to give you an update as to why content has been sporadic and light of late. First off, for about three weeks, we had some house-guests, one of which was a two year old, so as you can imagine, that threw a wrench into our usual routine. This has also made us really fairly exhausted and we’re still recovering from it. Secondly, since last weekend was my anniversary with my now-fiancee (yeah, so that happened too), we went out of down not only to deal with said house-guests (they needed a ride up to their new digs, four hours north of us), but there’s also been a ton of cleanup as well (toddlers are chaos with arms and legs, I tell you). This weekend has almost been as busy as well.

This is all to tell y’all that a lot of life has happened away from this blog recently, and my content output has suffered for it. This coming week will be no exception, as I just don’t have the time and energy to do a whole week, so you’ll get some sporadic stuff as I’m able to make it. I just wanted to give y’all an update as to why this blog has been so quiet of late. Next week is the 5th anniversary of the blog, and I plan a day off to celebrate, so that’ll be fun. Hopefully by then I can return to a more normal stream of content, but until then, I hope y’all don’t mind some…sporadicness as┬álife kinda returns to normal and yet not. ;)

Thanks for visiting and reading y’all. You make this site the joy that it is for me.

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  1. Daniel Lynch says:

    Congratulations on the proposal! ???? very happy for you mate!

  2. Congratulations – the funny thing with life is that it always seem to get busier

  3. Congrats on the engagement! I too recently had an almost 2-year old enter my life (space game junkie in training for sure) – space game programming has been relegated to nap time and late night!

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