Side Note: Neural GameShake

Games, Man. All the Games!
Games, Man. All the Games!

Hey y’all, I dunno if you recall, but some time back, I began a little site called Neural GameShake to be something of a Tumblr-style microblog on gaming that isn’t space-related, since I play a wide variety of games and love video gaming as a whole so damned much. ;) Well, as you might’ve noticed I put up an Endless Legend review there because hey, I was sent a key, I owe ’em that at least, right? :) Well, I said to myself, “Self, why not do little videos of all the other non-space games you play as well, since you like making videos so much?” My Self is right! ;) So I’m gonna be doing some more videos over there as well. Nothing to the amount I do for this site, don’t worry (this site will always be my primary focus), but I figured, I have the extra time now, and I’m paying for both its domain and hosting, why not use the darned thing? :) I therefore invite y’all over to Neural GameShake, because while we all love space games, that isn’t all we love I’m sure. :)

Author: Brian Rubin

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  1. I figured it probably was. I’ve got a pile of dice as well, including some oddball ones I picked up for novelty’s sake, like a d100. The thing’s like a golf ball. Got some d30s I’ve never used in anger either. The regular RPG dice have seen a fair amount of use, though.

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