Random Hilarity – OMG Really Coloring Book People? Really?

Preach it Palpatine...
Preach it Palpatine…

So Jim was sending me funny coloring book images today as we were talking about the contest we’re running (also, where are your entries people?) when he sent me this…


I…can’t…I just…can’t…

Author: Brian Rubin

7 thoughts on “Random Hilarity – OMG Really Coloring Book People? Really?

  1. Well, I suppose if TIE fighters were in the sky, that could technically be “TIE Interceptor” as in “Intercepts TIE fighters”? :-D

    1. Are you sure about that? The landspeeder doesn’t have lifting surfaces either, nor did Jabba’s sail barge. Star Wars has the magic of ‘repulsor lifts’ that makes everything fly. Weren’t the fireworks over the Imperial Capital at the end of the extended version of Return of the Jedi launched from Tie Bombers in atmosphere?

      Certainly in the Marvel comics of the ’80s and the Stackpole novels of the 90s Ties could go atmospheric, but those aren’t really canon.

      Wait, weren’t there Tie fighters in the atmosphere at the end of Empire chasing the Falcon?

        1. Well, the F4 Phantom proved that given a sufficiently powerful engine, even a brick house can fly.

          1. I wonder if it’s a coincidence that the F4 is the only plane I’ve ever seen crash at an air show. :/

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