What Should I Play on Thursday, 5/5/16?

Help Me Decide!
Help Me Decide!

Hey friends, it’s a new week! That means you get to help me decide what I’ll be playing on Thursday evening! You may recall I’m changing the format of Thursday nights to be more community-chosen gaming, and I’ll play what you decide upon! :) Since this is the first week, I’m gonna come up with a mix of games both loved and hated, and will let you decide via a poll! I also would love to hear suggestions on which games to vote on for next week! Now with that said, to the polls! :)

Thanks folks!

Author: Brian Rubin

3 thoughts on “What Should I Play on Thursday, 5/5/16?

  1. I am *shocked* that you would even put FTL on the list. Are you giving us the opportunity to make you have a panic attack?

      1. After hearing your reaction to the Lost Colony theme, I don’t think I could be cruel enough to put you through that. :D

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