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Hey y’all, question for ya. I’m noticing that the discussion frequency has been increasing on my posts in the comments, which is AWESOME, and I love the increased discussions. However, I’m now wondering if now, maybe, I should find a way to expand the discussion functionality, if I can, to include forum functionality as well. Would you guys be interested in such a thing? I ask because it might be a PITA to accomplish, but if there’s interest I’ll give it a shot.

Thanks folks!

Author: Brian Rubin

10 thoughts on “Off-Topic: Would You Guys Like Forums?

  1. Well, I do have my Qt3 forums ,but then again its hard to keep track of threads there sometimes..

  2. I'm posting here for the first time. I saw a SPAZ article and figured I'd subscribe since my favorite genre is space sim.

    Get cheapo free domain/hosting. The use VB3 and redirect from this site to that one. Simple. When you see trafic is the concern, then work your way up from free to paid.

    1. Welcome, and thanks for visiting. I already pay for self-hosting, so it's not traffic that's my concern, it's organization.

  3. I don't know Brian, might be setting yourself up for more work than it's worth. But yeah, I'd participate if you set up forums.

    1. Alright. My dream, however, is to have it set up wherein each post generates its own forum thread, and the comments are synced up to comments in those threads. Does that make sense?

      1. It does. When I refer to work, I guess I'm thinking of managing all the goings-on that seems to follow along with having a forum. But maybe I'm dreaming up problems that won't necessarily come into play. As long as you keep the crazy people out. Well, the other ones anyway.

  4. Unless there was a huge surge in comments over the last few weeks I don't think a forum is needed yet.

    Also, testing comments function.

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