Off-Topic: May Miscellany

Moving at a Snail's Pace
This is What May Felt Like to Me...

So…May wasn’t a good month for me, I’m going to admit that right now. While I was able to put some stuff up in the early part of the month, the rest of the month was…a bit stagnant. Sure there were some Q&As and such, but no real reviews or previews, which I hope to consider the “meat” of the site. There were a few reasons for this…

First, May was a really busy month on my social calendar, with trips, events and so on, that ate into my free time. It would so be a dream of mine if I could do this full-time, but that’s likely a way off, so I work with the time I have. :/

Secondly, as y’all might know I got sick, and that REALLY slowed me down. It sapped away my energy and my motivation, and left me kind of a shell. It really sucked, and I hated not having any motivation to write or even interact with this blog.

The last reason is my own fault. Since I don’t have time to post every piece of news that comes down the pike, I save the news I find and post it in the snippets pieces. Usually I get 30-40 stories before I write a new piece, but this month was different. As I had less free time and got sick and so on, the stories just piled up until there were over 100 saved.

This weighed me down and hung over my head until I lacked any motivation to write anything at all, really. I let this one thing get in the way of contributing to the blog I love so much. It bothered me, and yet for a while I did nothing about it.

Until yesterday, when I cleared all the news I had saved, getting rid of the weight and starting fresh — which is why you won’t see a new snippet article for a week or so, and why so much news was missed — so I can get back on the horse and start writing for this dang thing again. I basically uncluttered my own head, if you will.

So why am I writing this? Partly as an exercise in getting back on the aforementioned horse, by writing and contributing; partly for transparency’s sake, as I’m a big believer in openness and honesty; and partly as an apology. This site deserves more from me, as do all of you wonderful folks who visit it.

So while June might be crazy in its own way — I’m going to my first-ever SEO conference next week! Wheee! — I plan to put more into this blog in the coming weeks so as to try to make up for lost time…at least what I feel is lost time. Thanks for reading my rant, and if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask. Thanks!

Author: Brian Rubin

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    1. SEO = Search Engine Optimization, which is the industry I work in. And I live rather close to E3, but I’ve not gone in years. Maybe next year, but I need to save what time off I have just in case for moving purposes.

  1. Unexpected. Do I have to do my own space-related gaming news searches? Dammit, Brian. Get with the program. I don’t have time for that. I’m currently unemployed so all the time I have is dedicated to playing games, not reading about them. Reading is what I do when I’m working, duh. ;)

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