SJG Podcast #125 – Ascendancy

This Game is Awesome.
This Game is Awesome.

Welcome to this 125th episode of the Space Game Junkie Podcast! In this episode, Nate from Explorminate joins Jim and I to talk about a game very near and dear to our hearts (though admittedly his more than mine), 1995’s Ascendancy from The Logic Factory. This is a really special 4X game that has truly alien races (over twenty of them), turn-based gameplay that feels real-time, excellent pacing, charming graphics, fun gameplay and some of the best music you’ll hear in all of space gaming. We talk about the game, its history, what might’ve happened to the vanished iOS port and more. It’s a fun time, so thank you for listening and/or watching!

Join us next week wherein we’ll talk to the developer of the Starflight-inspired Project Daedalus – The Long Journey Home! Talk to y’all then!

Author: Brian Rubin

5 thoughts on “SJG Podcast #125 – Ascendancy

  1. You have plus points for mentioning Conquest Frontier Wars as another space game with great music – it was majestic indeed. The first Homeworld game was awesome in this regard as well IMO. Sadly, i never played Endless Space, Star Ruler, Emperor of Fading Suns neither Phantasy General, so i would not know…may look into some utube vids to see/hear for myself.

  2. Thanks for the podcast. I could never forgive the game for not reminding me when my ships were in combat.

    Whenever my empire got to any size I would get in more than 1 battle at the same time. I would eventually forget about 1 battle and reflexively hit next turn so I could advance the battle I was zoomed in on.

    After losing a dozen ships in this way I was too pissed to play again..

    Keep up the good work.


  3. Yay, thanks for going through Ascendancy, another “revenant” game of mine. Nice soundtrack, silky graphics, butter-like interface. Science tree was just freaking BRILLIANT! The best and believe-est i’ve seen up to that day and age. AI was the only flaw i think. Not a challenge without Antagonizer patch – cant even place stuff on planets properly. I dont remember how many time i wished for a difficulty settings.
    Govoroms and Chronomists are so complete cheaters that even Antagonizer will not help the AI. Oh, and usage of mirmidonic carbonizer should be outlawed by Galaxy counsil ^_^

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