Let’s Play STAR-BOX – Entry 1 – So…That Happened…

Raid the Space Fish!
Raid the Space Fish!

Welcome to STAR-BOX: RPG Adventures in Space, my friends! In this game, you’re the captain of a spaceship and able to do…basically whatever you want. Want to do missions for the Earth military and take out pirate bases and the like? Sure! Wanna board a space fish and loot it for genetic material? Why not!?! Wanna hunt down a specific animal on a nearby planet and kill it for its pelt, so you can sell it to a collector? Go for it! In this game, there’s just a ton you can do! We start this series with a bit of a stumbling block, because in this entry, I got a few missions and died inside a fish after my mech got killed (mechs help you in combat). It’s okay, I was infected with a virus anyway. What a weird freaking game with some odd UI quirks, but I like what it’s trying to do. Thanks for watching!

Author: Brian Rubin

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