SGJ Podcast #120 – Everspace – Sometimes Dying is a Good Thing!

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7 Responses

  1. mak42 says:

    In my head, this is what Dominium would look like, and a part of me inside dies knowing it will never be… :( Hats off to Rockfish! GOF was nice, and this is a great evolution of their platform!

  2. patthemav says:

    This game is being made about 10 walking minutes from where I live – I should visit these guys some time.. :D

  3. subodai says:

    Cohost said “Jif”, immediately discredited :P (Apparently he wasn’t around with the internet debated this and decided it’s Gif not Jif) :)

  4. SpaceEnthusiast says:

    I really hope they introduced some bumps into progression. Playing GoF2HD, and it was immediately apparent that firing 3 of the best weapons I can buy from a high tech sector takes the same time point-blank to down a pirate as it did with the starting impulse blaster in the beginning. Similarly, I can’t tell if I have a 20 defense shield or a 150.

    Am I wrong to be skeptical about backing? The new game is definitely visually impressive, but gameplay is king.

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