SGJ Podcast #120 – Everspace – Sometimes Dying is a Good Thing!


Welcome to this episode of the Space Game Junkie Podcast! In this episode, Jim, Hunter (welcome back!) and I sit down with Michael Schade, CEO of Rockfish Games, to talk about their currently Kickstarting space shooter roguelike, Everspace! We also talk about their previous space games, the Galaxy on Fire games. It’s a lengthy and fun discussion on game design, Kickstarter marketing and quite a bit more!

Thanks so much to Michael for joining us, and for those in the chat rooms who joined us at 6 AM this morning (my time, at least ;). This is one game we can’t WAIT to play, so check out the podcast for a ton of great info about it! See you next time, and thanks for listening/watching!

Author: Brian Rubin

7 thoughts on “SGJ Podcast #120 – Everspace – Sometimes Dying is a Good Thing!

  1. In my head, this is what Dominium would look like, and a part of me inside dies knowing it will never be… :( Hats off to Rockfish! GOF was nice, and this is a great evolution of their platform!

      1. Will do – I was actually part of the group that was hired to do free2play at their old studio, so it’s great to see that they finally get to flex their space game muscles again ;)

  2. Cohost said “Jif”, immediately discredited :P (Apparently he wasn’t around with the internet debated this and decided it’s Gif not Jif) :)

  3. I really hope they introduced some bumps into progression. Playing GoF2HD, and it was immediately apparent that firing 3 of the best weapons I can buy from a high tech sector takes the same time point-blank to down a pirate as it did with the starting impulse blaster in the beginning. Similarly, I can’t tell if I have a 20 defense shield or a 150.

    Am I wrong to be skeptical about backing? The new game is definitely visually impressive, but gameplay is king.

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