Day: May 3, 2012

Space Trading Game Drifter Starts Kicking

Alright, so I’m running out of fancy ways to say Kickstarter, so sue me. ;) That being said, thanks to Marcin for tipping me off to ANOTHER interesting space game on Kickstarter, this one called Drifter. Originally coming out for iOS only — and therefore ineligible for coverage here — this Kickstarter is building funding […]

Distant Worlds – Legends: This Time, Things Get Serious…

This entry is part 4 of 4 in the series: Distant Worlds - Legends Review

In our last adventure, Admiral Rubin had his eyes opened up to just how big the universe really is, and was offered a position in Leader Lapuri’s senior council. In this final look at Distant Worlds – Legends, we see if Senior Naval Advisor to the Grand Leader (SNAGL?) Rubin can handle the new responsibilities […]

Weird Worlds: Flight of the Star Devil

I’ll admit that I actually laid the groundwork for this article weeks ago, but for various reasons and distractions I never got to actually posting it. I figured, with the release of Weird Worlds in the latest Indie Royale bundle, now would be a good time to publish my latest adventure in Infinite Space. This time, […]