Let’s Play TIE Fighter – Entry 9 – My Own Personal Guidance System…

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  1. tsubasanut says:

    Funny thing, At some point of my life i also shown some TIE Fighter missions to a girl and tried to get her like it, It didn’t work out, Nevertheless, I wish you well, God, this game deserve any ounce of time and effort spend and more!

    Maybe you already know, but for someones that already knows all missions in TIE fighter inside-out, there is a lot of fan-made scenarios. They definetly worth checking out. I drop the link to the main hub here.
    There were also modifications for Tie fighter engine to fly other ships, even rebel fighter or Correlian corvette. I was so dissapointed with LucaArts dropping mouse support in XvT, that i was sticking to Tie-Fighter to the end and was even figuring out myself, which bytes should be changed in main ,exe file to allow you fly other ships. That was even fun itself.

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