Let’s Play Sundog: Frozen Legacy – Entries 1 and 2 – Wow We’re a Long Way from 1984…

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11 Responses

  1. Nack says:

    That looks kind of cool. I was more on Commodore as a kid, so I missed most of the Apple side of the world back then.

    • Brian Rubin says:

      Me too, I was on the TRS-80 side of things so I missed ALL this stuff.

      • Nack says:

        Ooo, yeah, I had a friend who had one of those. The only thing I remember from it is “Polaris”, which IIRC was a Missile Command clone.

        I cut my teeth on a VIC-20 (8-bit 0.5MHz CPU, 3K of RAM, baby!), but the C64 was where I played most of my games as a kid. There was a *lot* of really good stuff on the C64 (I assume on the other machines as well), and a lot of the ideas have since been forgotten.

  2. xdolci says:

    Souvenirs souvenirs, i do remember playing it on my apple IIc, great game !

  3. xdolci says:

    just FYI you can enter directly with your cargo truck into the stock exchange, which is just in front of your ship

  4. Wow! It only took a year, but you’re playing Sundog! I’ll have to watch these tonight!

  5. Hi Brian. 006 means you’ve been playing for 6 days of game time.

    Glad you’re playing the Apple version. The Atari has a couple of bells and whistles that the Apple does not. For example you cannot park in the street or your vehicle gets locked up. Combat is a little harder on the Atari.

    The BEST way to play this was with an old analog joystick that could have centering turned off. When you get to space combat it was easy to match a target’s speed and blast ‘em. Much harder on a mouse. I haven’t found anything comparable. A flight stick is too big, obviously. Aren’t there game pads with little analog joysticks?

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