Let’s Play Freespace 2 – Entry 14 – The Lure of Failure

It's Hard to Shoot What One Can Barely See...
It’s Hard to Shoot What One Can Barely See…

Welcome back to Freespace 2 my friends! What better way to help celebrate the game’s fifteenth birthday than to show off some of it’s fantastic gameplay! In these two missions, our focus is on the Shivan’s massive Sathanas juggernaught. In the first mission, I’m in a stealth fighter, trying to suss out her capabilities. In the second mission, we try to lure the Sathanas out from her hiding place and attack her directly! Please join me as I fly the missions:

Act 2, Mission 8: A Monster in the Mist
Act 2, Mission 9: Speaking in Tongues

That second mission has some craaaaaaaaaaazy stuff going on too. Thanks for watching, and I hope you enjoy the show.

Author: Brian Rubin

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