Let’s Play The Last Federation – Entry 3 – So Much Awesome It Might Be Overwhelming



It’s been a little time since I last ventured into the universe of The Last Federation, and since then the game has had many, many patches. Maybe around a dozen, if so. I therefore tried to go into the game with an open mind, but it might’ve been a bit too open, as I was a bit overwhelmed in short order by everything that was going on. Even with pausing and trying to focus on some specific tasks, I eventually felt like the game was a bit much for me. Now, granted, I’d recorded several hours of videos for other games when I recorded this one, so I might’ve just been worn out, but still, it left me somewhat exhausted. For the next installment I plan to read through all the patch notes to be better prepared for what awaits me, but for now, enjoy my descent into madness. ;) Thanks for watching!

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  1. Ben From 4xstar says:

    So far TLF is my favorite game to have the icon on my desktop while still being afraid to click it.

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