Let’s Play Millennia: Altered Destinies – Entry 4 – I Am a Terrible Time Lord

I'm Only Trying to Help!
I’m Only Trying to Help!

Welcome back to Millennia: Altered Destinies my friends! In this entry, I TRY to help the Piscenes with their clawfish problem by going down in my dropship and destroying a clawfish sanctuary. One would think that would do it, right? Welp, apparently not as the next year they’re extinct! I’ve no idea how to help them as of yet, so I’m going to try to solve some other crises with the other races in the hopes of jumpstarting them toward making a weapon the Piscenes can use to save themselves. This game is great in the amount of freedom it gives you, not only to explore space and time, but to make horrible mistakes as well. ;)

Author: Brian Rubin

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