Let’s Play Starflight 2 – Entry 5 – Even Mo’ Money

Makin' Bank!
Makin’ Bank!

Welcome to this final Starflight 2 video entry! In this entry, I hit the JACKPOT my friends. Three out of the four planets I recommended for colonization were approved, so I had a huge winfall of cash come in. I use it to fully train my crew in their respective specialties, and then improve all of my ship’s equipment (and also add a missile launcher!). I then did more mining and trading, because that’s the other big way to make money in these games. While I don’t think Starflight 2 is as amazing as Starflight, the folks at Binary Systems had a tremendous bar to reach, and in many ways they succeeded. While graphically the game isn’t a huge improvement over the original, the addition of a trade mechanic ALONE makes this a different beast entirely, in a good way. Overall, if you have 200-300 hours to kill, and want some of the best storytelling you’ll find in all of space gaming, you need to play both of these games. In order. ;) Thanks for watching!

Author: Brian Rubin

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