Let’s Play StarDrive 2: Sector Zero – Entry 1 – What the Hell

Zero? More like Hero!
Zero? More like Hero!

Welcome to StarDrive 2 with the new Sector Zero DLC/expansion! This expansion changes much of the game, such as the main map, ground combat, more varied victory conditions and much more. In my attempt to try to the second X on the list, expand, I pretty much bankrupt my empire though, which is facing starvation issues I can do nothing about from turn one. In the end, I get super frustrated with this race and how I’m doing, and am starting the next session anew.

Author: Brian Rubin

1 thought on “Let’s Play StarDrive 2: Sector Zero – Entry 1 – What the Hell

  1. Although I have tons of experience with 4X games, I also found this one to be very difficult with cash generation. Putting the colonies on “produce cash” in the production queue has hardly any effect, and there are only 2 technologies that directly help with cash generation (3 actually, but you have to choose one between two).
    I find the end- game to be slow, ship speeds have hardly advanced and the command point constraint is rather tight. Nice graphics though.

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