Let’s Play Iron Sky: Invasion – Entry 3 – Oh the Humanity…

Damn Space Zeppelins!
Damn Space Zeppelins!

Welcome back to Iron Sky: Invasion my friends! In this entry, I’m tasked with taking down two zeppelins as a show of force, and to show how hectic this game is, the rest of the invasion doesn’t stop, so I have to jump all over the map putting out fires. I fail at some of these jaunts as well, which is interesting, as you lose reputation, and I’m not sure what reputation entails. I take out the zeppelins with some help (and also switching to a bomber, which I like that you can do on the fly) and then try to save the Earth from some asteroids, but apparently do it wrong and still lose reputation because of it. I thought taking the asteroids out themselves would do the trick, but apparently not. Ah well, the game doesn’t seem to explain everything, but it sure is fun. Now, onto the DLC!

Author: Brian Rubin

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