Star Ruler 2 – Smoothing Out the Rough Edges

A Burgeoning Empire...
A Burgeoning Empire…

Star Ruler 2 came out on Steam Early Access this past Friday, so I’ve spent a little time trying to learn the game in order to do a proper video. It’s a rough go at first. The game definitely seems to be missing some crucial pieces of information that allows players to connect the dots at first, even with the inclusion of a tutorial, so I went through maybe four or five games wherein I felt like I lost within the first several minutes, something that also happens in this video. As I’m not the most patient of players, however, I decide to try things a bit slower, and bit steadier, and things begin to click, and I eventually begin to have a good time. Sure, the game is still dang early and has plenty of rough edges, but it also has tons of potential. I’d say if you’re thinking about getting it now, know you’re getting a product that’s far from complete, but can still be fun once you begin to see their interesting method of resource and trade usage. This video tries to cover a bunch of topics in order to give you a well-rounded snapshot of how the game is now, and I’ll do more of these as the game progresses, but right now, enjoy this first look at this exciting 4X, and thanks for watching!

Author: Brian Rubin

6 thoughts on “Star Ruler 2 – Smoothing Out the Rough Edges

  1. I think the trade thing is kinda brilliant, and I’m addicted to hanging out in the in-game IRC client. This is definitely my favorite early-access game. (Other than Elite: Dangerous, of course. But, heh, that goes without saying, does it not? DOES IT? NOT??!!!)

      1. One does not add that. One merely clicks “open IRC chat” from the main menu or the in-game pause menu (ESC).

        That is what one does.

  2. This game looks pretty promising. It sounds like they are going for a different approach to the economy and diplomacy compared to what a lot of recent 4X games are doing – that’s a good thing and I hope it all comes together. Will be watching this one more for sure. Not sold on the real-time thing personally, but I can tolerate it to some degree.

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