Starpoint Gemini 2 – Better and Better

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9 Responses

  1. Moonrogue says:

    What’s better, SG2 or E:D?!?!

    • Brian Rubin says:

      Man, that is a super unfair question. It’s also apples and oranges really, as they both offer slightly differing experiences. ;) I’d say, if you can, get both! If you’re short on fundage, get SG2, as it’s cheaper and goes on sale fairly regularly. If coin isn’t an issue than yeah, get both.

      • Moonrogue says:

        I enjoy asking unfair questions. And I have both. Though I’m waiting for final release for both of them at this point. I am experiencing EARLY ACCESS FATIGUE.

        • Brian Rubin says:

          That’s very fair, but I personally love how much early access we’re getting. SHOW ME THE SAUSAGE.

          • Moonrogue says:

            I will. I will show you the sausage.

            And don’t get me wrong, I love having the early access. But with E:D in particular, now it’s like, do I want to sink another 20 hours in, upgrade my ship, get a reputation, and then have it reset on day one and have it all thrown out the window? And with SG2, do I want to experience its wonders before they’re all actually in there? DO I?

            DO I!?!?!?!?!?

            • Brian Rubin says:

              Hah, again, totally fair. If I didn’t have this blog, I might be in the same boat and also wait until final release. :)

  2. I got this long ago on your recommendations. I played a few hours, liked what I saw and put it away awaiting release. Controller supports makes me happy.

  3. John Oreilly says:

    I tried the Star Trek Mod and I am impressed. Can’t wait to see total conversions for this game.

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