Captain Forever Remix Preview – An Adorable, Challenging Game that Hates Me ;)

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  1. VladVoivode says:

    That was a blast to watch. Best quote? “One shotted in the FACE!!!!!” I really like the spate of new games that allow you to actively build and strengthen your ship. I am pretty sure you’ve played the freeware Battleships Forever. If you haven’t, you should. The game is very feature robust and the ship designer will leach away hours of your life.

    Anyhow back to this. I love the quirky art style and it’s obvious that these developers are not only having a blast making this sadistic cutie but that they aren’t afraid to challenge trends. Did you notice the Etch a Sketch in I believe Venus space? The half eaten doughnut? Touches like these plus a solid game mechanic are why I admire these small indie devs. No knock of course on the great “big” productions like Freespace, or Elite Dangerous. But games like Captain Forever, SPAZ, and Zigfrak offer a superb ride with a healthy sense of humor – much like your recent video of Spatials – another GREAT game that pays homage to Startopia.

    The good thing about your videos is that they turn me on to great games. The bad thing is that you are killing my gaming budget!

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