SGJ Podcast #146 – Concealed Intent

Tactical Goodness

Tactical Goodness

Welcome to this episode of the Space Game Junkie Podcast my friends! In this episode, Jim, Hunter and I sit down with Charles Cordingley of Jarrah Technology to talk about his spacey tactical fun time, Concealed Intent! This game is striving for a mix of Homeworld and Frozen Synapse, and I can tell you, it’s working splendidly. We talk about the highs and lows of indie game development, the challenges of marketing as well as developing when you’re a one-person operation, the long road the game has come before finally hitting release sometime this year and much more.

Overall we had a really fun time talking to Charles, and I hope we can do so again once the game hits 1.0. It’s a really great game that I hope y’all check out! Next week on the show, we’ll be talking to the developer of the procedurally generated spacey RPG thing, Stellar Tactics! Thanks for listening/watching, and don’t forget you can hit us up at for suggestions or what have you! Enjoy the show!

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