Overcoming Gaming ADHD – Weekly Gaming Check-in for 12/2/19

Can’t. Stop. Playing.

Weekly Gaming Thoughts

I usually have severe ADHD when it comes to games (and heck, in general). I play a lot of games for a short amount of time before moving on, always chasing that dragon. Sometimes, however, a game comes along that not only keeps me engaged longer than most, but also keeps me coming back after multiple breaks. This has always been the case with me and MMOs. I’d play Jumpgate or Lord of the Rings Online hard for months, then burn out and take a break before doing it all over again.

This doesn’t happen as much with single-player games, but it does every now and again. Skyrim, for example, is a game I’ve put more time in than most over several hundred large and small sessions. The latest game that’s done this is Warhammer 40,000: Inqusitor – Martyr. I wrote about last week, regarding its amazing post-release support.

Since then, however, I’ve put maybe a dozen more hours in the game. I finished its main story campaign and moved onto the add-on content in Prophecy, its stand alone expansion and am doing things even with the meta game like increasing reputation in specific systems to unlock more things.

I think what they’ve finally nailed down, for me at least, is the right carrot and stick. Do this thing, get a better gun. Do this thing, get another perk point. Do this thing, get a thing to start a side campaign. I also like it’s bite-sized mission structure as well. While Grim Dawn is an amazing ARPG, for example, I sometimes get lost in its massive world. Jumping around from system to system is far more my speed.

I’m not sure when the next break will happen, or what the next game I’ll return to might be, but for now, I’m hooked on levying my inquisatorial wrath as much as possible.

What I’ve Been Playing

  • Warhammer 40,000: Inqusitor – Martyr – This took up much of my gaming week. Probably more than anything else. A mission here and a mission there is just so great for me.
  • Lord of the Rings Online – Still enjoying my new Lore Master character with a bear companion. A very fun and low key way to roam around Middle Earth.

What I’m Planning on Playing

  • Strike Fighters 2 – I meant to get to this last week and never did, so I need to fix this flaw this coming week.

That’ll do it for me this week. What have you been playing?

Author: Brian Rubin

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