Found Some New Space Games Recently…

Pew Pew! Colors!
Pew Pew! Colors!

Hey folks, how is ya? Pretty swamped here on my end, also distracted by my newly upgraded rig (ALL THE GAMES ARE SO BIG AND PRETTY), but I did randomly find some new space games recently that I wanted to share with y’all. These are as follows:

  • Fleet Buster – This looks to be a colorful space shooter, which they say mixes tower defense (sigh) with strategy (yay!) elements. ;)
  • Darkfield – This looks to be a multiplayer first person space sim shootery thing with Oculus Rift support.
  • Space: The Return Of The Pixxelfrazzer – Yup, that’s really it’s name, and it looks like some Asteroidy-cloney thing with procedurally generated levels, quests and resource gathering.

I’ll totally be checking these out soon, can’t wait! :) Enjoy!


Author: Brian Rubin

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