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So apppppaaaaaarrrrrently, come November, EVE Online will adopt an interesting free to play model based on its longtime use of in-game clones. Now there will be two levels of clones:

  • Alpha Clones – These more limited clones will only have access to certain skill trees and equipment, and will be free to play.
  • Omega Clones – These fully-functional (ahem) clones will have access to all skills and equipment, just like current subscribers.

You can read a lot more detail about the changes here, but this is really a massive deal. I’ve been wanting to dip my toe back into EVE here and there for eons now, but not for a subscription. Now I can! Yay!

So yeah, big news methinks! What do you think? Will this get you to return to EVE at all, or try it for the first time?

Author: Brian Rubin

2 thoughts on “EVE Online Going Free to Play

  1. That’ll certainly get me to try it! I’ll always enjoy a new space MMO.

    1. Do you wanna try some Jumpgate? It’s a really good fun tiiiime. You can go fight some Flux, haul some ore, or even miiiiiiiiiiiine.

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