Introducing: Rogue Game Junkie

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9 Responses

  1. Myrkrel says:

    Awesome! I’m a big fan of roguelikes too, in addition to space games. Subbing and following this new endeavor!

  2. RichVR says:

    Happy Birthday to SGJ!

  3. yay! Ive been more into roguelikes this past year myself. Most of the space games just havent gotten hooks into me like rogues have. Glad to see this and hope it does well for ya.

  4. zeraan says:

    The first roguelike I played was “Mission: Thunderbolt” on a mac. The author is now giving it away for free. Be sure to check it out! has it packaged so it’s just a simple matter of launching the bat. I loved it, and there wasn’t any other sci-fi roguelike until SotS: The Pit!

  5. I remember spending hours with Mission Thunderbolt on a pal’s Mac, almost drove me to get my own Mac just to play it!

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