Off-Topic: Managing My Time and Energy

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  1. Time and energy, hard stuff to muster. I’ve read quite a bit on the topic myself. One easy thing to do is breaks. Small ones, like a walk outside for a few minutes. different head space, different atmosphere, can be quite recharging. a bit of googling will show you some more easy strategies.

    Good luck, hope you get yourself back on track :)


    • Brian Rubin says:

      Hey John, how are ya? Yeah it’s a struggle, but I wouldn’t say I’m off track…just that the roller coaster-style track is in a downward-angle right now. ;)

  2. thefrawg says:

    I have no problems with ads. All your readers would love to see you make a living on this.

    I’ve seen other sites (Matt Barton via YouTube) that get tiny kickbacks from GOG for people who purchase via clickthrough.

    Thanks again for a great site! My favorite articles are the flood updates of game patches, releases, kickstarters and sales.

    • Brian Rubin says:

      Thank YOU for visiting! And yeah, I’ll still likely do those massive news posts, just not as frequently because damn to they take a lot of time.

      • Cruis.In says:

        Hi Brian. Why don’t you seek some people from your viewership to become contributors? Let them become officially part of your staff. So that press copies of new games etc, can go to them and share the work load. You can become an editor of sorts and do some when you can.

        I think the whole issue is that you do it mostly by yourself. Having some help would be good, it would also make you feel part of a team and have people to chat with going forward. You can turn this into a whole community. :)

        I’d be willing to help on the contribution front when done with VOD, but the official part ties in because you can’t give press copies to anyone who just is going to do an article. They have to be ‘staff’ of the site. And you have to vet these people carefully. Good luck!

        • Brian Rubin says:

          While I appreciate the offer, I create this site to be my own journey through the history and future of space gaming, so it’ll likely stay a one-person op. I hope that makes sense. :)

  3. benji says:

    Hey, I think what I would really like to see is some in depth coverage of the really of the beaten path stuff. Like awesome mods for great SF games that nobody covers any more (say, homeworld 2). Anything I can’t read on mainstream websites really. Get yourself a niche and own it :) Also, the posts with lots of little news bits on not too well known games are nice, but I can imagine this is exactly the kind of stuff that costs lots of energy.

    Basically, I get my SF gaming fix from you, rockpapershotgun and spacesector, so anything you duplicate from those guys would be a less efficient use of your time from my perspective :) Oh and I really don’t mind you putting some adds on the site.


  4. S.Katze says:

    I second what the other commentators have said. I don’t mind the ads if they benefit you, and would like you to continue writing articles and doing podcasts. The one about X-Rebirth was a lot of fun! ;-)

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