5th Anniversary Polling: What are the Best and Worst Games of the Last Five Years?

Kinetic Void Screenshot

This Gets My Vote…

Hey friends, in two weeks I’m gonna be celebrating the site’s 5th anniversary with a whole day of streaming. One thing I want to do is stream both the best game and the worst game of the last five years, and I’d love your help in deciding what to stream. Therefore, below, in the comments, please list one entry for the best and one for the worst game of the last five years. I’ll then make a poll and allow folks to vote on the suggestions. Thanks for your help!

12 Responses

  1. Brian Rubin says:

    For my own vote:

    Best – Drox Operative
    Worst – Kinetic Void

  2. Mr. Mayhem says:

    Agree – Worst Kenetic Void. So disappointing

    Best – Beyond Sol

  3. Daniel says:

    My vote:
    Best – Evochron Legacy tied with Distant Worlds: Universe
    Worst – spacebase df-9

  4. George Schelz says:

    Best – Endless Legend, especially because it was so unexpected.
    Worst- No idea, thanks to you and Space Sector I avoid the crap. Thanks!

  5. Tinytwo says:

    Worst- legend of Pegasus.
    Best- hmm. I liked distant universe And stelaris.

  6. Ponicus says:

    Best – Distant Worlds : Universe (as the penultimate edition)
    Worst – Fleets of Sol

  7. John Pritchard says:

    Don’t really have a worst (thanks to you’re site) Best would definitely be Evochron Legacy, completely blown away by this game!

  8. Alyas Grey says:

    Best – Faster Than Light
    Worst – StarForge
    or if that isn’t enough of a ‘space game’ then Starlight Inception.

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